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Pre-Loved Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 and FSM-432Mk111 Footswitch


Black Spirit 200 delivers an explosive ride through musical history. Blessed with incredible practicality and an exhilarating range of sounds and features, immense power, and weighing in at just 8 lbs., Black Spirit 200 is perfect for anywhere from your bedroom to the world’s biggest arenas.

  • Four strictly analog channels that deliver a thrilling ride through musical history
  • Studio quality reverb, delay and modulation effects built-in
  • Serial FX loop 
  • Built-in 200-watt power amp
  • Fully programmable controls, direct access to 128 presets
  • Stereo Aux in and Headphones out
  • Red Box AE+ DI-out with 8 cabinet simulations that delivers studio quality tone straight to desk
  • Full Bluetooth remote control and preset management with the free App for iPad and Android devices