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'Rock Hard Music' is Milton Keynes' award-winning and most exciting guitar shop. Run by gigging musicians and technicians, we offer an enviable range of products and accessories at great prices. Our services don't end there, though; through our guitar shop we offer setups, repairs and even guitar and drum lessons on-site. Rehearsal facilities, a recording studio and even a PA hire service make us the complete package for musicians of all levels.

We understand that it is not always a possibility to visit our flagship shop in Milton Keynes. Therefore, our aim is to bring the same high level of service to our web shop as we offer to our visiting customers - a fantastic range of products, great prices and an emphasis on excellent customer service.

We stock products from Alesis, Ashton, Breedlove, Blackstar, DBZ, Dean, ESP, Faith, Fender, Fret King, Hartke, Hughes and Kettner, Ibanez, LTD, Marshall, Peavy, PRS, Tanglewood, Vintage, Yamaha and many more.