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Laney CXM-110 Passive Stage Monitor


The CX range of passive/active stage monitors work as perfect partners for your stage monitoring requirements, whatever your gig. Specifically designed to be floor monitors from the outset and not simply just another floor mounted enclosure, each CX passive/active monitor is engineered to give you optimal performance whatever the application, whether in an intimate situation or on a full-scale concert stage each CX monitor delivers accurate sound reproduction and plenty of it.

  • Power RMS: 100 Watts
  • Inputs: Double (Paralleled) Jacks
  • Speaker connections: 2 x jack
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Drivers: 1x10" Custom Driver + HF horn
  • Cabinet Design: Full range stage monitor. Road ready construction with kick-proof metal grille, recess carry handle, metal corners & rubber feet
Please note that this product is being sold individually and not as a pair or complete monitor system.