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Mooer Blade Distortion Pedal


If you're looking for some classic distortion then look no further than the Mooer Blade. This micro pedal is a boost/ distortion stompbox and has air about it of classic 80's metal. As well as a simple rotary distortion knob to vary the amount of distortion it comes with three 'modes'. Low-Boost cranks the output on the lower signals which is great for chugging power chords or hard hitting choruses. Boost off allows the distortion to work un-aided and does nothing to boost your signal. Hi-Boost will give you more output for your higher signals meaning that blistering guitar solo will cut through the mix even further. When the distortion control is cranked up it suprisingly doesn't get too burying in the fuzz or distortion. It retains it's clarity and gets progressively more crunchy and throaty; perfect for players of rock and classic rock.

Mooer Blade Features:
  • Pedal Type: Modulation
  • Inputs: 1 x Instrument 
  • PWR Supply Inc: No
  • Batteries: No
  • 3 Distortion Modes - Hi-Boost, Boost Off, Low Boost
  • Simple Three Dial Control System
  • Classic Metal Tones
  • Small and Exquisite - Full Metal Shell
  • Dimesnsions (D x W x H): 93.5mm x 42mm x 52mm