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Marshall RG-1 Regenerator Pedal

was £79.99




This is Marshall's Swiss army pedal when it comes to modulation effects, the RG-1 boasts vintage and multi chorus for mellow swells or complex ensemble sounds. Flanger for detuning sounds or rich soaring tones. Phaser for a fluid wavey signal. Step phaser for a more 'blocky/ trippy' phase, and vintage vibe for swirling vintage vibrations. For guitarists on a budget look no further, the 6-way selector switch changes the effects instantly, the parameters of the effects can be modified further using any of the three tone shaping knobs. Speed controls the rate of the effect, ranging from gradual swirls to fast vibrato. Depth alters the amount od modulation applied and has slightly different uses for the multiple effects. Finally regen sets the amount of signal sent back to the input, when turned up it helps accentuate the sound of the modulation sweep. 

A robust, versatile pedal that offers almost all the must have modulation effects in one shell at a great price. Certainly worth adding to the collection.


Marshall RG 1 Features:
  • Effects: Vintage Chorus, Multi Chorus, Vintage Flanger, Phaser, Step Phaser, Vintage Vibe
  • Multi-mode selector switch
  • Speed control
  • Depth control
  • Regeneration control
  • Solid Metal casing
  • Passive bypass
  • Tap Tempo Pedal input