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Ibanez FL9 Flanger Pedal


A re-issue of Ibanez's classic flanger pedal, the FL9 aims to recreate the lush
analogue tones of the 80's in a more robust casing and a much more affordable price point; oh and it's yellow too. The FL9 is super simple to use and is capable of creating sounds from light chorus to heavy oscillating flange and everything in between. 

Editing your sound is made quick and easy by the four control knobs. Speed changes the (you guessed it) speed of the effect, have it low for a sound closer to chorus or turn it up for a more traditional flange tone. The width control sets the depth of the wavelength, regen sets the feedback of the flanger and delay subtly changes the center amount of shift. Using this pedal you can match tones with artists like Prince all the way to Van Halen. If you don't have a flanger on your pedal board; maybe now is the time.

Ibanez FL9 Features:

  • Classic 9Series Ibanez Flanger pedal, reissued
  • Delay Time: 1ms — 12.8ms
  • Speed Range: 0.06Hz — 13Hz
  • Equivalent Input Noise: –75 dBm (IHF-A)
  • Speed, Width, Regen and Delay Time controls
  • Power: 9V battery (S-006P/PP3) or AC109, AC309, AC509