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Rocktron Nitro Booster/ Enhancer Pedal


A lot of pedals like to offer players a whole catalgue of tone and customizable options which can be daunting or even just too much for some players. The rocktron nitro booster likes to do what it says on the tin, a booster pedal that does just that. There is one dial to control the pedal called 'boost', this gives the pedal up to 22dB range of gain while similtaniously adding soft compression and boosting the signal as it goes up. This means the tones you're after can be selected and found super quickly and changed just as fast.
Rocktron Nitro Booster Features:
  • Pedal Type: Boost Pedal
  • Inputs: 1 x Instrument 
  • 22dB of Gain
  • Single Control Knob